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Wedding Themes In Modern Lifestyle

Some of the interesting wedding decorations themes which you may find prevalent these days could be Aquatic theme, Hollywood set, Royal wedding, Green/Organic wedding, Peacock and Travel. The themes and their executions might vary, but the basic idea is to inspire awe and wonder as the wedding guests arrive at the venue.

Though some of the themes might sound somewhat over-the-top, but with a little ingenuity and creativity, some small ideas can give an overall very distinct theme to the entire event. For example, to give the wedding an earthy feel, artificial lights can be simply replaced by earthen diyas and clay pots; food can be served in clay dishes; and the females can dress up using ornate floral jewelry instead of the using the expensive gold or diamond ornaments. Some such practical tweaks to the wedding decorations, and voila you have a wedding decor, which is distinct, memorable and yet very much affordable! Flowers decoration trends in Delhi is increasing every day, also sending flowers via has become an interesting choice of consumers.

Flower wedding decorations theme in India.

Flower usage
One of the vital components of any wedding decoration is the exuberant use of flowers.  Flowers are used in all different shapes and colors to give an ethereal feel to the entire event of a wedding. Flower arrangements are pivotal elements of decoration not just on the wedding day, but on all the different ceremonies before and after it as well.

Since no Indian wedding is complete without the flower decorations, so to an onlooker it might seem like a pretty routine affair to use flowers to give the entire wedding a lively and auspicious feel. But rest assured, a lot of detail is involved and every flower decoration, every arrangement is unique to a wedding. Care should be taken that there is coordination between the colors, sizes and shapes of the flowers being used to include proportion, balance and rhythm to the whole environment.

The wedding garlands, which the bride and the groom exchange are chosen not only to look beautiful, but also are required to last through the long duration of pooja which the bride and groom have to sit through their marriage. So there is beauty required along with perseverance. Delhi is very much know for royal flower wedding. Making flower delivery in delhi is easy these days after online ordering trend in Delhi, India.

Flower symbolism
Each flower has a significance of its own, and hence their use in the decor enhances the wedding theme further. For example
  • Rose: Signifies the bond of love and affection, which is to be shared by the two people committing themselves to the institution of marriage
  • Lily: symbolizes the beauty. The beauty of the young couple, beauty of the bond they are about to share
  • Chrysanthemums: Denoting the wealth and abundance which hopefully the couple would share in their life together.
  • Daffodils: For the respect and regard the couple would have for each other, their families and self
So flowers are not just the decorative pieces, they are there to symbolize the hopes and blessings the family and friends have for the couple getting married.

Thus, like any other aspect of an Indian marriage, each small decorative detail, each little flower bud carries within itself a deeper meaning, an underlying prayer that the two people uniting in the sacred bond of marriage enjoy the bliss and spread love all around them during their shared lives together.

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